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Whether it’s a linear commercial, YouTube pre-roll or an Instagram campaign we are experts in the entire video production process. Starting with open, two-way conversations, we create all-encompassing programs that will not only achieve your digital and traditional marketing goals, but help identify new avenues for growth.

Character First

Cottage Creative’s background in journalism situates our team to hit the ground running with documentary production. Putting people first – finding a character we can relate to – makes all the difference. We understand moments, and excel in capturing them.


Advertising with video is fun, there’s no way around it. From strategic consultation to professional, on-the-ground production and clear post-production timelines, we put the joy back in video marketing.

About Us

We’re Maryland based, and DC friendly, but our experience has taken us from the US to Australia and back. Throughout it all, one thing has proven true.

It’s all about connection. Humans are like that, we exist for it. A smile, a kiss, a look, maybe some tears – it’s the simple moments that have the biggest impact.

We know that for sure. We’ve studied it, we’ve experienced it – hell, we’ve proven it.

Taking those moments and creating video deliverables you can deploy across visual friendly media is what we do.

Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re a big fan of turning emails into marketing success stories.

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We’re happy to help answer any questions you might have – give us a chance and we’ll prove you right. It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone new.