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The Players’ Tribune | Off the Track

What were you doing the day before high school graduation? For Harrison Burton, he was racing. And racing fast. This is the Burton family legacy. Presented by Toyota Racing.

University of Maryland | Arabic Flagship Program

Flagship’s mission is to create the next generation of global professionals who speak Arabic at a professional level and possess deep knowledge about the many cultures of the modern Middle East. The Arabic program at UMD is hosted in a high quality university that offers many areas of study, and we have created a strong and vibrant community for Arabic learning.

Vans | Bondi BMX

Bondi isn’t all about surfing, for Lee, the skate park is home. Growing up in the UK, Lee’s passion was based on wheels, and being surrounded by one of the most popular surf destinations in the world hasn’t changed his perspective.

Thrillist | 5 Buck Lunch

In a power-hungry town like Washington, DC, people are starving for tacos. There are several spots that you can go to for pretty decent taco options. But we’re not looking for decent, we’re looking for mind-blowing deliciousness that is actually affordable. Join host Kimberly Kong as she takes us to the best taco spot in DC for the cheapest lunch our bucks can buy.

Merrill College | Merrill Made

Merrill College is home to one of the nation’s best journalism programs. In 2018 the school approached Cottage Creative to help increase applications and reach to prospective students. The result is an upbeat look at what Maryland’s vicinity to the nation’s captial and a faculty built around award winning investigative reporting.