What do we strive for?

It’s a great question, honestly. Kinda lofty, but it lets you see us from a 20,000 ft view. We strive to make the biggest impact for your message, and believe a creative partnership is more powerful than a one-minded back alley. Complied here are video examples and testimonials that speak to what we mean.

We’ve put video to work as testimonials, documentaries, advertisements and just good old storytelling. Thought it all we’ve made sure you and your message come first.


Bay Hills Family Dentistry

Comfort and Kindness

Dr Gens gets it. A dentist’s goal should be to keep the patients out of the chair as much as possible. If they do their job right, with preventative care and planning, it’s achievable. His passion for dentistry and background in psychology set him apart from the rest, and you’ll find the touch him and his team bring to dentistry is unique.

But you have a lot of options, and honestly, how would you know what Dr Gens and his team are like in person? We decided to sit him down and introduce himself. The result was a 2 minute video introducing old and new patients to Dr Gens designed for facebook marketing.

We’re excited to do more testimonials with Dr Gens and Bay Hills Family Dentistry in the future

Plouton Group

People of Blockchain

We’re way past the dotcom boom and bust. Today’s curiosity is in blockchain. And if you hear Samuel Del Real talk about it, todays curiosity is tomorrow’s future.

When Plouton Group was preparing to release an ICO for their solar powered mining farm in California, they wanted help personalizing a barren 50 acre desert. We needed to make an example that was relatable.

Our solution was to profile Sammy in a video testimonials kinda way. His incredible energy and unique vision is tangible when you see him. Telling his story along with the solar project helps future investors and curious folk understand the magnitude of the solar mine.

Philip Merrill College of Journalism

Merrill Made

It’s hard to stand out. We’ve all felt that before. But what do you do when your product is intensely in the spotlight? Prepare the future.

Merrill College approached Alex to help define the college visually. Over the course of 3 months, along with Merrill College’s Alex Pyles, a vision was turned from emails to a powerful message.

Alex was an incredible partner whose creativity, collaborative spirit, and professionalism turned a daunting task into a fulfilling project

Alexander Pyles | Philip Merrill College of Journalism

When you come to Merrill College, you stand out.