Meet the “who” in Cottage Creative’s international creative video team; we’re a group of thinkers here to help you execute your message the right way.

We range in experience from award winning advertising campaigns to Emmy winning storytelling and beyond. Reach out to any of us and we’ll get started.

Alexander Glass | Director | DP

Creative direction, someone’s gotta do it. At Cottage Creative, Alex works hand in hand with every project to oversee it to the fullest potential. He believes positivity is the biggest asset in project development.

Alanna Delfino | Producer |DP

Alanna is focused. She spends her time mastering new crafts; making sure anything she creates is the best version it could be. From an award winning journalism background, to teaching at the University of Maryland, Alanna brings a unique perspective to every project she handles.

Ellie Winchester | Business Operations

Once upon a time Ellie took an aptitude test, and lucky for us she was already doing what she loved – making Cottage Creative flow from tip to tail. Spreadsheets and calendars? All that is on lock.